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Welcome to Horse Competitions Online

Horse Competitions Online encourages riders of all levels, across Australia to compete in training competitions on a monthly basis.  The training competitions are a way for riders to practice tests for upcoming official events or using these events as your competition days.  

Dressage tests, whether English or Western, will be offered.  For example:

  • Western Dressage tests will be offered in-line with Western Dressage Association of America. These can be found on the Western Dressage Association of WA website - http://www.westerndressage.com.au/#!rules/cj1k

  • And similar, English will be EA tests, which can be found on the Equestrian Australia website

All dressage tests will be adjudicated by qualified judges within the discipline.  The judge will be chosen for the specific event, and the judge may reside throughout Australia.


Horse Competition Online has so much to offer

  • Ride on your time - weekends are now yours

  • Compete against others across Australia

  • Country competitors now have competitions

  • Formal dressage outfit is not required

  • The chance to compete when you want, where you want

  • Professional judges with feedback

Reduce costs

  • No petrol costs

  • No day insurance

  • No float required

  • No ground fee

  • No membership fee

It’s easy to compete.  You will need the following:

  • Level area to ride on with clearly marked letters and arena boundary

  • I-phone , Ipad, video camera or similar

  • Access to a computer